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Welcome to HopeSmart

HopeSmart is designed to give users a better understanding of their candidates so they can make more informed decisions when voting.

In our view, using
to get the best people in office is not enough.

We feel it would be
to have an easy way to learn about the people that wish to represent us based on the issues and not just the rhetoric. (TOS)
Terms of Service
Helping pets! is a new site to help pet adoption agencies and shelters list their pets locally. Take a look at the site, and let your local shelters know it exists for them.
Added: 10-18-2013

HopeSmart Extra:
I have taken HopeSmart as far as I can by myself. The next step is up to you America. To continue, I need dialog. I need people to be on the show, and to talk with me about their opinions on the issues facing America so we can begin learning from each other. If you would like to talk about something on the show, please create an account and fill in the "Be on Show" form. Initially I'd like to talk to people about what America is and what it means to them. If you are a history teacher, or history buff, I'd also really like to hear from you so we can find out things like what our founders meant America to be.

HopeSmart Inquiry:
Do you have questions about what America is or what it stands for ? If so log in and let me know what they are so I might ask a knowledgeable potential guest.

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