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Ways you can help HopeSmart:

1) Donations:
If you feel what is trying to do is a good idea please consider making a donation so we can continue to run it and make improvements.
Checks or Money Orders
Make Payable to:
Charles Mongillo
309 Fletcher Ct.
McDonough, GA 30252

2) Be involved:
Do you have something important to say about politics, the show, or the site? Register an account and fill out the form to be on the show, or sign up to use the Forums.

Any ideas, feedback, or bug reports you would like to send to HopeSmart to make my site or show better are always welcome. Having started HopeSmart with almost no budget and using only my own knowledge of programming, video, and writing I know the site could never be as good as it can be with your help.

Charity comes in many forms, are you good at writing, editing, video producing, acting, directing, art or anything else that can make this site or show better serve our country? The only profession I have ever been any good at is writing computer software so I welcome any charitable help you can offer.

If you wish to submit ideas, errors or feedback to HopeSmart simply sign up on our forum to let me know.

If you intend to run for office, log in and use the political profile to present yourself to your community.

Please be aware that all feedback, ideas, bug reports or any other intelectual property you submit to HopeSmart shall be concidered the property of HopeSmart and there will be no requirement of compensation from HopeSmart.
3) Tell people:
I know not everyone who enjoys what I am trying to do with HopeSmart has any extra money to donate and thats fine. Please help us spread the word about, tell your friends to check it out. Print out the candidate pages for your friends who don't have computers so they can make good choices at the polls. Download the show to your ipod or mobile device and share it.
4) Use
So you like HopeSmart, but you don't have extra funds and your not a social animal. I understand. Just by visiting HopeSmart to view changes made by your favorite candidates helps us to show them that there is interest in this form of presenting themselves to the public.
5) Pray:
As it is well known that I am currently an agnostic , you might find it interesting that I would ask for your prayers. The truth is I do not have all of the answers, and I have on several occasions been wrong. Many millions of people of several different religions believe in the power of prayer. I am not going to let any arrogance or ignorance on my part stand in the way of something I believe can help America and her people. So yes, if you believe prayer can help make what I am trying to do with HopeSmart even better for all of us, by all means PRAY.