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Welcome to your political command center. To pull up a candidates profile click on any of the candidates names that appear below. Use the state and city drop down menus to narrow your search for a candidate.

Someone running on a national level like a president would show up under the All States option in the state list. A state governor would show up under the state he is running in, a city mayor would show up under the state and city he is running in and so on.

Choose State:
Choose City:

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Candidate List:
The candidate list will appear under the state and city pull down menu if there are any candidates running for that state and city combination. The list of candidates will be broken down by the office they are running for. Each candidate will be displayed as last name, first name followed by an abbreviation of the political party they represent.

To view that candidates political profile page just click his or her link.

Choose State:
Use this pull down to select the state the candidate is running for office in. Choose All States to see candidates running on the national level.

Choose City:
Use this pull down to narrow your search by the city level.

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